"Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven't half the strength you think they have."

Norman Vincent Peale, author


Together, We Move Mountains

OPT-In Dental Advantage partners provide our members with discounts, advance notice of coming products, and marketing support, benefits that increase profitability and not typically available to individuals .


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As the largest insurance broker in the world, Aon offers OPT-In members a vast array of important coverages. Their Dentist's Advantage program  provides individual professional liability insurance for dental practices, including malpractice insurance, business owner's insurance (BOP) and workers' compensation insurance coverage. In addition, Dentist's Advantage underwritten by AIG, coverage includes independent contractor hygienists. Members have the opportunity to save money through potential premium credits of up to 60%. The program also provides other types of affordable business coverage for OPT-In members.



 APEX has helped many of our members improve their insurance reimbursements so they can focus more on what they do best, provide dental care for their patients.

Apex brings real world experience and intimate knowledge of the dental insurance and auditing fields with a combined experience of over 30 years. Their team is comprised of dental insurance specialists, experienced auditors, insurance billers and a practicing dentist who chairs their Dental Advisory Committee (DAC). Together, the APEX team utilizes its strengths and “know-how” to bring more money to each dental practice.

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Edge Partnerships has helped develop OPT-In Dental Advantage's strategic roadmap and competitive advantage to attain our members' business goals.

With the singular purpose of helping others succeed, EDGE was created by two high-performance businesswomen who wanted to make a difference. Backed by 100 years of expertise in communications, marketing, strategic planning, advertising and advocacy, the EDGE team partners with organizations like OPT-In, that truly want to excel. 


It’s not often that individual dental practices are afforded a relationship that can benefit them with special pricing, especially for scrap alloy.

Most of the time, after scrap is melted and assayed, it still has to be sold to an actual refiner. That’s what makes Heraeus Kulzer a special partner for OPT-In. As the leading and only "end to end" scrap refiner in dentistry,  Heraeus Kulzer is able to reimburse dentists the actual and full value of their scrap metal. For OPT-In members, that reimbursement carries an extra bonus.


IQnection has done a fantastic job of developing this website and our consumer website, www.optindentaladvantage.com. They kept our costs down while keeping value high through excellent customer service, timeliness, and product quality. They have been a dream to work with.

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Quality Dental Plan works with our members to help free their practices of insurance headaches, and solve problems for new and existing patients looking for a dental plan.  

QDP allows our members 100% control over dental benefits that reduce administrative costs while offering patients no on-going monthly premiums, no cap on services, no hidden fees and no extra charges. Along with eliminating painful downcoding and claim denials, QDP partners with OPT-In Dental Advantage to channel new patients to our members.

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Sterngold is one of the great resources every industry needs, having been a pillar in the dental industry for over 100 years.

Founded in 1897, Sterngold Dental, LLC specializes in alloys, attachments, implants, and restorative systems. Examples are the Stern ERA family of resilient dental attachments and the Natural Profile Abutment System for aesthetic restoration of osseointegrated implants. 

Sterngold Dental, LLC is EN ISO 13485:2012+AC:2009 and ISO 13485:2003 (CMDCAS) certified and we also comply with the European Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC), FDA Quality System Regulations and MHLW Ministerial Ordinance No. 169.  All products and procedures are closely monitored under these quality systems. Sterngold Dental, LLC's Implant products have full approval to market in the United States, Sweden, and more than 20 other countries.


Tiger Printing Group provides OPT-In and its members with all our printing needs, always with fast turnaround, high quality, and a great deal of guidance. Tiger Printing, a large commercial printer, also keeps our costs low, always a great asset for a partner.

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VerifPoint, the dental industry's premier credentialing company, helps assure every new OPT-In Dental Advantage patient that our members meet every profesional licensing criteria.


Julius Charlestein founded Premier Dental Products in 1913. As a family-operated business in its 4th generation, dentists still trust that Premier products will perform as promised, relying on brands such as RC-Prep®, Hemodent®, Triple Tray® and Two Striper® brand diamonds.

Premier Dental has been a long standing and reliable OPT-In partner from our earliest days, and continues to support our OPT-In Dental Advantage members’ quest to be more competitive, while reducing their expenses.

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Established in 1991, North Bay Bioscience is an industry leader in providing sterilizer monitoring solutions and supplies, including their mail-in spore testing services, Bioview™ in-office spore testing, Advance steam sterilization integrators and record keeping. They also provideDefend+ sterilization pouches, sterilization wrap, cleaning tablets and disinfectants. North Bay Bioscience has graciously provided our members with pricing similar to the largest clincal group practices.

OEM Burs & Polishing Kits

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Our members have access to manufacturer direct diamond burs, carbide burs, and polishing kits. Made for well known brands, these OEM direct products provide OPT-in members with tremendous savings, too good to publish the source. Hint: reusable diamonds well below $2 ea.

Clinical Supplies

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We spent 9 months working with a large supplier to create the largest possible savings for our members. The result was, our test member would save $400 per month over her highly discounted supplier. Sorry, no clues for this one. Members only.