Opt-In Dental Advantage is private practices' secret weapon. We help private practices by providing a unique combination of Brand Awareness, Buying Power and Business Support. Focusing on these three activities allows private practitioners to reach full potential and regain their competitive advantage in an increasingly challenging environment.

We call them the OPT-IN 3Bs.


  Brand Awareness

      Enhanced credibility,
      increased awareness,
      professional marketing       

Buying Power 

     Preferential pricing on      
     lab services and dental       
     products for network

     Business Support

   Access to business 
   expertise at discounted
   rates, business
   development resources

High Reward, Low Risk

With low monthly membership fees of $99 and no required long-term commitment, our members get a game-changing business support system with minimal risk.  It’s the ideal formula to stay private and boost profits.

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